This is how the customer sees the chat!

With Live Chat you have an infinite number of options

Online button

With a lot of different variations you can upload your own button!

With a status online but also offline. Choose a pop up, slide up. Upload your own buttons, change the colors the possibilities are endless!

Offline Button

With a lot of different variations you can upload your own button!

With a status online but also offline. Choose a popup, slideup, Button for slideup, link, slideup with a status image. You can also hide the chat when there is no operator online, or choose a contact form.

Login chat form

You can choose from different options when the customers start a chat, choose from name, email, phone number, departments and a question field. You can also make it even easier by only showing a question field. Or even easier show nothing and the customer can immediately chat!



Add your own welcome message when a customer wants to chat with you. Set up automatic messages when no operator is available yet. The system automatically greets the customer with the name.


Chat bot

Our Chat bot can answer questions from a customer automatically, which you can easily set up in your own dashboard. When there is no operator online, the chat bot further helps the customer.



When the operator comes online, the customer is informed with the name and avatar. Automatic messages can be added, modified or deleted in your own dashboard!



More than 100 emoticons have been added for the operators! And are compatible with every device!


Share Files

When the operator gives permission to share an image / document, the customer can upload a document / image. Our system checks (customer not aware of this) the file by size and viruses so that everything remains safe.


Sound Alarm

At the customer message alarm is on by default, and a sound is heard when a new message arrives.

Of course, the customer can turn it off, but even if the customer surfs to another page, the sound is turned on automatically and the customer does not miss anything!


Popup chat is always available, you also have it set to slide up. Chatting customers can always open the chat in a new window.

With Slide up mode, the chat automatically closes with a slide down when the popup chat is clicked.


The chat window can be minimized at any time.

Even if minimized the chat informs the customer on new messages with sound still on!

End the chat session

Normally the chat session is terminated by the customer himself, but you also have that control!

When the session is terminated, the customer receives a feedback form and can complete it. They also have the option to have the chat conversation sent via the mail!

Feedback Form

Simple but effective! In our experience, a customer does not want to fill in too much and must be as short as possible. That is why we simply and effectively have a feedback form that a customer can fill in to a chat conversation and is stored in the statistics! Feedback for your customer support is gold!