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Live Chat Social-Boost
The fastest way to help your customers Chatting visitors spend 60% more per purchase than non-chatting visitors. Experience the effect of Live Chat yourself.
Chat is always available
Customers can start a conversation at any time while browsing your website. You can install Live Chat on multiple sites so you can provide even more support
Send an invitation
Make the first step to invite a customer to a chat conversation. You can set this automatically in our system. If a customer does not come out of something, then you are already ahead of them!
Reach every customer
In case no one is online, you can show a contact form and collect the same information as a live chat session. You miss nothing and you can immediately contact the customer directly from your dashboard.
Handy notifications
Automatic text and e-mail reminders ensure that operators are always there when a customer needs help. We have integrated three SMS services, Twilio, Plivo and Nexmo. Or you use a free e-mail reminder.

Live Chat Preview

We are the first Live Chat software in the Netherlands to offer this function.

With Live Preview Chat, users can see in real time what the customer types before they are sent. Live preview chat helps users to have all the answers ready when customers have a long question. When a customer types, the user can see this text live.

Because you already see what a customer wants to ask you have your answers ready faster the customer does not have to wait long for an answer. This makes your customer contact more efficient.

How does that work? See the video below:

Customer service via Live chat: indispensable for the entrepreneur!

Take a quick look at the benefits:

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The live chat can be adjusted in your own style!

The best companies rely on SocialBoost Live Chat

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Why Live Chat is important to your website?

73% of customers find live chat the most pleasant way to communicate with a company.

Chat conversation

32% of users indicate that they make a purchase faster after or during a chat conversation.



83% need help with completion of purchase!


Live Chat

61% indicates that chat conversation works faster than email or call.


Waiting time

87% indicates that waiting time is no longer of this time and want immediate help!

Make sure you are available!

With SocialBoost Live Chat you make a personal connection with customers who are looking for support. Live Chat is a quick and easy way to offer help.
Listen To Your Customers.
Anticipate customer questions and offer help when and where they need it most.
Increase Your Turnover.
32% of users indicate that they make a purchase faster after a chat conversation.
Less Waiting, More Satisfaction.
87% indicates that waiting time is no longer of this time and want immediate help!

Visitor monitoring

Offer customized contact based on the behavior of your visitors.

Follow your visitors when they go from one page to another on your website. Collect important information: have they been on your website before, how did they find you (including the keywords used), where are they and much more. Use this information to fully customize your service to your visitors.

Watch our video!

Chatting visitors spend 60% more per purchase than non-chatting visitors. Through proactive chat, the interactive contact of visitors with your site increases by 313% – and for mobile users no less than 421%. Experience the effect of Social-Boost Live chat yourself

Enter chat conversations to contact your customers.

Show your involvement!
Proactive Chat
Send customers targeted and behavior-based messages. For example, you can help customers complete a purchase by automatically contacting them with a chat conversation.
Send files
“A picture says more than a thousand words. ” Share any file with your customer, a screenshot, a product guide, even an animated GIF file, and solve problems faster."
When it is very busy on the Chat, our Chat bot can already ask questions for you! So that the customer no longer has to wait!
Live Chat Feedback
Live Chat has the highest satisfaction ratings of all support channels, but there is always room for improvement. Use chat ratings to gather feedback and keep improving your performance.