This is how the Chat Operater looks like!

This is how the Chat Operater looks like!

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Chat operator functions:

System messages and chat bot

Automatic system and chat bot messages. If the operator is busy, the intrigued chat bot can ask a number of questions to the customer. When the customer changes page, you will receive a notification in the chat window. So you actually see what the customer does on your own website!

Share documents and images

SocialBoost Live Chat allows you to share files and images very quickly. All files are protected with a maximum (mb) upload and you can decide when the customer can upload something. The image is immediately visible and can be easily downloaded.

Live search

With our integrated search function it is useful to find something in previous chat conversations that has been discussed, for example. The search function is available during the chat, but also in the archived chats. You will also find the messages that you have given a star / mark.

Adjust customer data

All customer information can be edited or deleted while chatting. When a customer starts chatting with a fake name, but is happy with the chat, no problem, simply adjust the customer data. You can also easily add email, phone number and notes while chatting. With SocialBoost Live Chat it is very easy to store and change customer data properly.

Copy, Star, Edit, Quote and Delete

Every message you send can be copied, marked, edited, quote or deleted. Did you accidentally type and send something wrong? No problem delete the sent message immediately. The best option is flag message. You can save an important message and easily search your conversations.

Share customer files

Not only operators can share files with each other, but also your customers. Your customers can only share files if you allow it. By clicking with one button your customers can upload a file. We support all file types with extra security so you can not get viruses.

Transfer call / customer

Are you online with multiple operators? Did the customer choose the wrong department? No problem. Transfer the call to the right colleague. You can of course set all this in our user-friendly dashboard

Standard answers

With standard answers you can send an answer directly to a customer who needs his attention. You can set the answers in advance, there is no limit here to how many standard answers you want to add. Standard answers are very useful when it is very busy.

Knock knock option

Our Knock knock option makes chatting very convenient. Imagine you are just chatting and you are waiting for an important answer your customer no longer responds. With our Knock knock option, a notification / sound alert is sent if the customer wants to respond. The customer will respond immediately.

Redirect a customer automatically

Redirect a customer to the right page when you are chatting. Do not lose any customer if he / she cannot find something on your website. With our integrated system messages you know whether the redirect went well and you see that the customer is on the right page.

Create notes

Internal notions are very important! Notes can be taken while chatting or afterwards, they can also be edited at any time of course. You can also create notes when you forward a call, so that your colleague knows what the call is about!

End the chat session

Normally the chat session is ended by the customer himself, but you also have that control! A chat session is also useful when it is not a real customer. With our blocking option you can block the IP and the customer can no longer bother you!

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