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Your friendly support bot welcomes web visitors, collects their questions and information, and notifies your team about the chat or email. When an operator comes online, our Chat Bot sends the chat.

Create your own Chat Bot with SocialBoost Live Chat

no programming knowledge needed!

How do you set up the chatbot?

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SocialBoost Live Chat has an integrated Chat Bot that you can set and adjust according to your preferences.

The Chat Bot automatically answers questions as long as no employee is connected, means that the customer is waiting for an employee to take the chat.

You can set unlimited answers to predefined keywords, for example the user types Hello, with which the chatbot can respond: Hello visitor I’m a Chat Bot fun, is not it? Type the following keyword that you have a question about, Live Chat, demo, faq, support, pricing, sign up. Or wait for an employee who is now connected.

You can set more keywords to help the customer find the right page or just leave him in the chat, some people like to talk to a bot. 🙂 The chat bot can be found in the main menu under Chat Bot. You can also use multiple keywords for the same answer, separate each keyword with a comma (for example: hello, hi, good day).

If you want to display a standard message when there is no keyword matching your list, create a new message with the keyword: * (star) and write which answer you want to display. Write plain text, Urls and Smilies and wildcard vars for name and system e-mail, our software automatically converts them to the correct format.

What is an Chat Bot?

A chatbot is an automated discussion partner. It is therefore a combination of the word ‘chat’ and ‘robot’.

Chatbots can be found on websites and in Instant Messenger programs, such as Skype, Yahoo or Google Talk. In the case of Instant Messenger programs, the chatbot can be added as a buddy. The popularity and use of chatbots – computer programs that automatically answer customer questions via messaging services such as Live Chat – is growing at breakneck speed

Operation of the Chat bot!

A chatbot participates in a typed conversation; often a dialogue, where the user types in a question and answers the chatbot, but the conversation can also involve more people, such as on an IRC channel.

The chatbot can also ask a question, for example as part of a quiz, or make a statement, often to keep the others informed of certain developments, for example the stock market prices. Some chatbots are menu-driven; then the user is presented with a choice.

Intelligence of the Chat Bot


Such a chatbot works through pattern recognition: there are one or more patterns that are recognized in the passing text, and an action is linked to each pattern; that action can consist of giving an answer, but it becomes more interesting when more happens. For example, a chatbot can serve as a weather report by responding to sentences such as “What is the weather in Veghel today?", For example with “In Veghel today it is 8 degrees Celsius

It is expected that it will rain in the course of the day. “For this it is necessary that there is a database with place names and a connection to an Internet service that provides weather reports such as the answer given, all the chatbot has to do is scan text for the occurrence of the word “weather" at the same time as a place name in the database, ask the Internet service for the weather report for the place in question, and place that as an answer.


Applications of the Chat Bot

More and more companies are using chatbots to support their dialogue with consumers. Due to its automated nature, a chatbot is a cheap alternative to answering basic questions. Chatbots can be used for example as customer service (via websites) or they can play a more marketing-oriented role. If a chatbot is more marketing-oriented, they are often deployed on a messenger platform, since they then have easier access to the right target group.




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