Hieronder vindt u de meest voorkomende vragen die klanten ons stellen. Staat uw vraag er niet bij, aarzel niet om rechtsonder op “Chat met ons” te klikken. U kunt uw vraag in het chatvenster stellen en wij zullen deze onmiddellijk beantwoorden.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can cut and paste, you can set up Live Chat. If you have created an account, you can copy and paste an HTML code yourself, it is already ready in our dashboard. You add this code to your website to create a chat button. Visitors to your website can use this chat button to start a conversation with your operators, who will answer the call from the flexible web-based client application. It works on any standard internet browser. You can have multiple chat conversations with different visitors simultaneously. Each chat is a private conversation between you and the individual visitor.
Neither. Social-Boost works without installation costs and without long-term contracts. And if you opt for an annual payment instead of a monthly subscription, you can benefit from a substantial discount.
No, that makes it unnecessarily difficult. The free 10-day trial is available for all versions of Live Chat and works completely. If you decide to become a paying customer, all you have to do is go through the payment process. Payment information is not required for a trial version, so we didn't save it. Once you have paid, your account will simply remain available without having to redeploy the code.
In the Live Chat you can easily upload your own buttons. Please make sure the images are the correct size. You should always upload two files at the same time as described in the help (question mark) next to the title. yourname_on.png (for the online image) yourname_off.png (for the offline image)
Live Chat gives you complete freedom over standard and automatic text messages in different languages. Under the main menu you will find the answers / text and this is a very powerful tool. Here you will find all standard messages that you can change or translate in your own language, multiple languages ​​are absolutely no problem and it makes Live Chat really multilingual. In addition to the standard message, you can also have messages automatically appear after a certain time, for example: The above entry will appear automatically message to the client (who is only waiting for an operator) that we are quickly at the customer to be In the text what you entered% client%, the system will automatically replace the name A few more designations that can be used: % client% = Client operator name % = Operator name (if available) % email% = system email address (in settings)
Live Chat has an integrated Chat Bot that you can set yourself! The Chat-Bot will automatically answer questions as long as no operator is connected. You can set unlimited responses to predefined keywords, for example the user types Hello chat bot and he can reply with: Hello% customer%, use the following key words to get more information in this chat: your keywords. You can enter more keywords to better serve the customer, for example a question whether prices or a specific page, some people want to talk to a bot. 🙂 The chat bot can be found in the main menu under Chat Bot You can also enter multiple keywords for the same answer Just separate each keyword with a comma (for example: Hello, Hello, good day). If you want to display a standard answer when no keyword matches your list, create a new one with the wildcard keyword: * (star) and which answer you want to write
We have integrated 3 SMS services, to use them you need an account with Twilio, Plivo or Nexmo. After registering with Twilio or Nexmo you will receive a SID and Token key. You must insert this key and of course your telephone number with us in the dashboard. After that, you or the operator can make it available at specific times and days (see screenshot).
With Live Chat, there is only one Live chat widget code that will never change again. All settings are made in the dashboard and are immediately available on your website. It is designed to run on pure Javascript without any libary like jQuery. That is why we have no conflicts with elements on your website. The Live chat widget code can be found in your operator panel - chat widget and paste it in your website directly above the last body tag. Select the one you have or create a new one (if available). Your code looks like this: Add dynamic language in w.lang = "NL" or customer name, email address and / or message. All the settings you adjust under the Live chat widget code in your operator panel will only display the above code, so you can have unlimited Live chat widgets codes with different designs and settings.
 Frequently Asked Questions

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