SocialBoost Live Chat

Personal and everywhere contact.
  • Quick support
  • You do not always have to be online
  • We have integrated 3 SMS services
  • Chat priv√® with your colleagues

Research shows:


Chat conversation

32% of users indicate that they make a purchase faster after a chat conversation



83% need help with completion of purchase!


Live Chat

61% indicates that chat conversation works faster than email or call


Waiting time

87% indicates that waiting time is no longer of this time and want to be helped immediately!

Personal and everywhere contact.

Help your customers easily online.

What can you do with Live Chat?

add unlimited users
works in all browsers and smartphones
Engage customers on your website
Set up your own ChatBot
Share documents such as pdf or jpeg
Upload your own Chat button 20 different locations where you want to place the chat

Push notification for a new customer SMS

notification for a new customer Desktop

notifications Customer notifications Sound

notifications that you can adjust yourself

Group chat Private chat with your colleague
Switch a chat to another colleague
Search for calls and notes Standard answers
Customers can give feedback after a chat conversation
Send chat conversation via email Customer can request to send a chat conversation

Read history back from customer and operator

Multilingual like NL EN DE etc ....

Start now for 30 days for free!

Do not let your customers wait any longer!

Live Chat come as a guest, stay as family!

Visitor monitoring

Offer customized contact based on the behavior of your visitors.

Track your visitors as they go from one page to another on your website. Collect important information: have they been on your website before, how did they find you (including the keywords used), where are they and much more. Then use this information to fully customize your service to your visitors.


Email management

Your inbox under control!

Social-Boost ensures that you can answer emails with questions or problems quickly to help your customers.

The first in Live Chat software !!! Using a group chat - The group chat function lets you communicate with 50 customers at the same time

It is a great way to stay in touch with your customers

You can create an unlimited number of groups.

In addition, you can protect every public chat group with a password, very useful for private groups

Each group has one or more managers.

Only an administrator can add and remove participants. Only administrators can make other participants administrator.


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