Who is SocialBoost

Let’s introduce myself

Hi my name is Robert-Jan van Dieperbeek
Robert-Jan van Dieperbeek
Robert-Jan van Dieperbeek


I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur with ample sales experience in the B2c, B2b. With ambitious goals where I let people stand central. I work from my passion and pleasure and I experience that as an essential factor for a sustainable result. I work in an ordered, structured and solution-oriented manner and I have a flexible, autonomous and sincerely involved institution.

Why started withSocialBoost?

The core of Social-Boost is a first-class solution for live chats, based on powerful technology. This allows you to make real contact with your website visitors and win more customers, while your operators can work more efficiently and effectively. Social-Boost not only works well for your customers, but also for your employees.