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  • Engage customers on your website
  • Setup your own Chat Bot
  • Share documents such as PDF or JPEG
  • Upload your own chat button
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Chat conversation

32% of users indicate that they make a purchase faster after a chat conversation

Live Chat

61% indicate that chat conversations work faster than email or calling


83% need help finalizing their purchase!

Waiting time

87% indicate that the waiting time is out of date and want to be helped immediately!

SocialBoost Live Chat works on any device

Any modern OS, browser, and mobile device is supported

Verlaten bezoekers je website nog steeds? Verleid ze onmiddellijk met proactieve uitnodigingen!

Are visitors still leaving your website? Immediately seduce them with proactive invitations!

Millions of SocialBoost posts begin proactive invitations every month. These kind of gestures are just like a physical greeting at a store ... visitors are more likely to become your customer.

  • Gepersonaliseerde berichten
  • Slimme marketing
  • Stuur gerichte berichten
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Without frustration!

isitors no longer want to fill in forms and expect an immediate answer, with SocialBoost Live Chat you are always easily and personally accessible. We help you to enter into a conversation with your visitors, at the right time, the right way and place.

  • Ask questions via chat
  • Don't keep customers waiting
  • turn forms into a direct chat conversation
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Visitor monitoring

Offer custom contact based on the behavior of your visitors. Follow your visitors as they move from one page to another on your website. Collect important information: Have they been to your website before, how did they find you (including the keywords used), where are they and much more. Then use this information to fully customize your service to your visitors

  • See when a customer changes page
  • Automatically send an invitation
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Je inbox onder controle!
Je inbox onder controle!

Your inbox under control!

Social-Boost ensures that you can answer emails with questions or problems quickly to help your customers.

All in 1 dashboard
clear overview
send transcript
never miss a customer
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Laten we chatten. Vandaag.
Laten we chatten. Vandaag.
Laten we chatten. Vandaag.